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Auto Repair & Maintenance

We are a full service auto repair shop- from basic maintenance and manufacturer recommended services, to advanced troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair - our technicians are trained to handle all of your car and light truck service needs. We service most makes and brands and our techs have experience with just about every system or part on any car driven in the US.

We service MOST makes

We service most makes and models, and most light trucks - whether it’s for basic maintenance (fluid changes, etc.) diagnosis or major repairs we are fully qualified to work on your car or light truck.

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is a core belief of ours as a company.  We know that maintaining your vehicle can extend the life and reduce the cost of ownership in the long run.  Bring your car to us for all its routine maintenance needs - fluid changes, safety inspections, flush service, etc. We'll keep your car is safe, running its best, and maintained.

Auto Air Conditioning

Arizona is very hard on a/c systems - dust, heat, and extended use can take its toll on your system.  If you think your vehicle temperature is not what it should be, we can check the output temperature and system pressures against the manufacture’s specifications.   If the vehicle is not within specification, we can check to see if any there are any leaks on the lines or on the compressor.   We will keep you cool!

Brakes & Brake Systems

Dust, heat and traffic are the enemies of your brake system.  There is no set rule on how long brakes should last.  It all depends on your personal driving style, do you drive in traffic, do you get long stretches on the highway or are you waiting in line to pick up people.  Since your safety is the number one thing to us, we visually inspect your braking pads or shoes, calibers or wheel cylinders, drums or rotors, and the brake lines.  We also test your brake fluid to see if it needs to be serviced as well.

Tires & Rotations

Here in the Phoenix area, our street temperatures can approach 180 degrees in the summer.  Heat is the number one enemy for tires.  For that reason you should have your tires rotated and inspected every 5,000 to 6,000 miles. Check air pressure every 1000 miles.  With proper rotation, you can extend the life of your tires.

Wheel Alignment

If your vehicle regularly pulls to one side, or you have to maintain pressure on the steering wheel one way or the other to keep your car traveling straight ahead, you likely have an alignment problem. Nothing will wear your tires faster than an out of alignment situation.   We have the most advanced alignment equipment to ensure that your vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned to maximize your tire’s life and your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Batteries and Charging System

Nothing wears out a battery faster than the high temperatures that we have in Arizona.  Every time you come into visit us, we test your battery to ensure it is healthy.  A healthy battery can help prevent other problems with the alternator, starter and the overall electrical system of the vehicle.

Transmission Service & repair

Transmissions take a beating here - we strive to maintain your transmission to help you avoid costly transmission problems.  Transmission fluid lubricates, cools and cleans all of the components of your vehicle's transmission.  Over time, your vehicle's transmission fluid can break down, making it less effective, which can lead to slipping in and out of gear, shifting problems or complete transmission failure.  Early diagnosis is paramount to preventing breakdowns.

Engine Diagnostics & Repair

If your check engine light or service engine light comes on, you need to get it checked out as soon as possible.  It could be something as easy as a loose gas cap or something more significant.  Ignoring it can cause more costly repairs the longer you let it go.  Our technicians have all the latest tools - the same ones the dealers have - to effectively troubleshoot and repair any engine or engine system problem.

Electrical System Repair

Lighting, Dashboard, Fans, Radio, Navigation Unit and Ignition - your vehicle's electrical system is its most complex system.  Your vehicle has a little over a mile of wiring - if you suspect a problem, our experts will isolate the problem and get you back on the road quickly.

Timing Belt Replacement

Timing belt failure is can cause extensive damage to the engine.  For that reason alone, you do not want to skip this important maintenance item.  Depending on the car manufacture, the timing belt lasts anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 miles.  Belt failure is the #1 cause of engine rebuilds - don't push it, replace that belt before it breaks.

Radiator & Cooling System

The cooling system in your vehicle does more than keep your engine cool.  It also keeps the transmission cool as well.  An improperly maintained cooling system can also cause air conditioning problems as well.  We will inspect your vehicle’s hoses, water pump and radiator to help prevent catastrophic failures and keep you safe. When we service your cooling system, we only use the coolant that it came out of the factory with to ensure long life of your cooling system.

Shocks, Struts, Suspension

Does your vehicle dip, jerk or rock side-to-side when you go over a bump?  Can you feel every bump even when driving on a smooth city road?  Your vehicle's suspension health is critical to safe operation and ride comfort.  Worn parts like bushings, shocks and struts can cause ride deterioration, excessive tire wear and increased braking distances.

Fuel Injection System

Are you experiencing poor fuel economy, rough running, loss of power or a rough idle, you might have an issue with your fuel delivery system.   Your vehicle’s fuel injectors may need to be serviced, repaired or replaced.  Our fuel system service can help restore loss power, smooth out a rough running engine, improve fuel economy and reduce harmful emissions.


Arizona's emissions standards are tough - if your check engine or service engine soon light is on for any reason, the vehicle will fail emissions.   In Maricopa and parts of Pinal counties, if your car or light truck is more than five years old, you will need an emissions test every other year.  As part of our service to you, after we repair your vehicle, we will take it to emissions test facility for you.